An interdisciplinary, professional development retreat, GROUNDWORK offers a weekend-long venture for a curated group of cross-disciplinary minds. In celebration of process as product, each of six individuals brings one, 1hr 45min project to workshop with the group. This project can be as inventive, open, and experimental as they choose.

After workshopping their visionary, in-process ideas with the interdisciplinary group, attendees depart with a breadth of answers, deeper questions, innovative suggestions, and professional connections they otherwise would not have encountered. By condensing the critique, engagement, socializing, and networking aspects of a traditional residency into one fully present weekend, individuals broaden the scope of their research and development in a truly transformative way.

Main Principles

Interdisciplinary:  Carefully curated participants represent a wide variety of professions in the Arts, Sciences, Humanities, and beyond. Through this cross-pollination of disciplines, participants gain perspectives, knowledge, and fellowship outside of their own field.

Process-based: Society's focus tends to be on product, but often the reward is in the process. Let's celebrate - and benefit from - process-as-product.

1 Weekend: Because it is often difficult for professionals to leave work and family for long-term residencies, our weekend-long structure offers an alternative. A pressure-cooker of critique, experimentation, and engagement, participants depart with energy, ideas, and connections.

6 People: Neither broadly public nor solitary, the weekend capitalizes on the benefits of a modestly sized group. This scale allows for productive exchange of expertise, experimentation, and feedback within an intimate, open-minded setting.

Book Us

If you would like to book GROUNDWORK for a retreat at your institution, business, or community, please contact us at groundworkretreat@gmail.com.