8/28/14 / by Patricia Brace


Whaddaday. Where to start? I had a slumber party last night with cousin Jenna - her last night home before starting a new college journey. Thus, I awoke, earlier than usual due to a Lowe's paint run and a morning meeting, a tad groggy. It's okay - give me some paint and I'll perk right up.

Cut to a great meeting with Nancy Hughes, improvisational dancer extraordinaire who may or may not curate a performance night in our installation. After this, editing fiend Brace edited like a fiend whilst I channeled my scenic painting past and fauxed the brick bianco like it was my job. Cousin Dan dropped by for a look at the space and a sneak-peak at the video.

The day rounded off with some on-the-couch administrative business and more editing from the Brace Machine. At this point, cousin Mary returned from bringing Jenna to school just in time to join us at Mutual Riverfront Park for some Buffalo history, outdoor projections, and BOAT DANCING a la our new friend, Nancy. 

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