8/23/14 / by Patricia Brace

Closing up another productive day, jumping over hurdles, confronting our anxieties, and gracing Aroma Cafe with our presence.

Our mornings are becoming ritual: arise, eat+tea, admin, run, dress for the day. We've got this down, and today was no exception.

But today - today! - we began the film. Well, 4, really, since it's a 4-part-er. Shout out to Adobe Premier Pro Personal Support Service in Sunset Park, Brooklyn, aka a one Mr. Joe Leduc. The best around, though I'm biased. 

We took a break to walk around Elmwood Ave for the annual Festival of the Arts and it was hopping! Many skilled craftsmen from Buffalo and beyond as well as some great music. We had a particularly good time with C'est Bon and a zydeco group whose name I sadly cannot recall at this late hour.

...which means it's time to not write and head to bed! Morning ritual prerequisite is a decent night's sleep.