8/21/14 / by Patricia Brace

Today we went to Niagara Falls, greeted by Guns and Roses as we entered the souvenir store parking lot.   The last time we were here, there were ice bridges over the falls, so I was eager to see what vision awaits.  As we walked down the path Hornblower and Maid in the Mist crossed below with seemingly sycronated Seagulls gliding above.  Bridal Veil falls is my favorite because of the name and did not fail to impress today, but there was not a rainbow, which I needed for the symmetrical seasonal footage.  Many paths were open that had not been open when we were hear last, including a path through Cave of the Winds.  Although we did not partake, a video of a person who did (in a big way) can be seen here: https://vimeo.com/104044487