8/20/14 / by Patricia Brace

Everything about today was intense, but that's how we've been rolling lately, so what did I expect?

It started again with a run, which intensified the pain in my knee. These treacherous suburban sidewalks have gotten the best of me, it appears. After I called mercy we headed off to CEPA, our equipment saviors, to pick up a projector to test in the space and to Nicole's house, to pick up Nicole (and test her in the space)!

Both projector and Nicole proved extremely useful at Hi Temp. We took measurements and determined our hunch about the white space to be correct: the columns will get in the way of our projections. This caused Patricia and I to launch into creative mode, filling Nicole's first day with a good dose of collaborative spirit. If you have not witnessed it, collaborative spirit is intense but ultimately rewarding.

Nearing the end of this design session, my mom popped in to see the space, which basically functioned as the dinner bell saying "Stop working, come get incredible ice cream and go eat pasta with your family." Raised to never disobey parental demands, we obliged. And, as one can expect from overloading on carbs with a loud, Italian family, dinner was intense. But we would not have wanted it any other way.