8/19/14 / by Patricia Brace

Day 2 in Buffalo and in short, Rita and I traveled to Squeaky Wheel, CEPA, and Halwalls, we hired our incredible intern, Nicole, and broke through the, "you just need to get started barrier."

We started the day off with a 4 mile run and a photo shoot of a traffic sign that led to a fulfilling conversation with a neighbor about why we were "taking a photo of a dirt pile?"  I tried to explain that the way that the red sign looked against the blue sky with the yellow guard rail was visually compelling, but it was the "I am from Brooklyn," comment that quelled her curiosity.  

After a delicious salad and sandwich smorgasbord with Tina, Jenna, and Joe, Rita and I ran about town reconnecting with that arts organizations that we had last met with in January, managing to check out the "Mansion", a sexy hotel, "Aroma", the hipster cafe, and "Shoefly", a gorgeous shoe store, along the way to our interview with Nicole.

En fin we shared a delicious shish kabob dinner with the family and sent follow-up correspondence from the days events over cookies, tea, and wine, reserving the wine for last. 

Tomorrow we will finally head to Hi-Temp Fabrication with Nicole to measure and finalize our materials order for the space.