8/18/14 / by Patricia Brace

We have arrived. Patricia's car is safely in a truck rest stop in Kutztown, my mother is chatting away with Mary downstairs, Joe and Cruizer are playing video games, Jenna is hiding, and Patricia is sleeping with a towel over her face next to me because I refuse to stop working and the light is on.


I'm nervous - we're nervous - it's a big day tomorrow. Namely, spreading cheer throughout the Buffalo region, reuniting with old cronies and checking out their equipment supply. But first - first! - a budget review. And then a run! We'll be ready to tech hunt after that, and then we have an interview with a potential intern. Hopefully that will work out and we'll end the day with a new member of the team.


We had a nice dinner when we arrived graced with family and some healthy discrepancies over gravy vs sauce, Putin, labor relations, and the new ownership of the Buffalo Bills. It doesn't look too good for Bon Jovi. Jenna and I escaped for a walk; it's pretty chilly and I hope that slows down for October - no need for an early winter. 


Alright - time to get this party started.