10/20/14 / by Patricia Brace

Buffalo gals have separated! Patricia left me today for NJ - we both teach on Tuesdays, and after ignoring our responsibilities last week we thought we should get back to business this week. It's strange stepping away even for a day. I'll head out to Wells tomorrow, but my commute will actually be shorter from Buffalo than from Brooklyn.

But it's still Monday, and today it was time to DANCE! After installing the faux columns that John McKendry himself couldn't even decipher from his originals, that is. Our lead dancers, Nancy Hughes, Gretta Sowyrda, and Scott Slocum, graced us with their oh-so-graceful presence and began improvising in the space. This was great because Patricia had just left and I was lonely applying vinyl in the dark. 

Here they are below, talking dance with Patricia pre-NJ departure. 11/12 is the performance date and from what I see and hear so far, it's gonna be cooooool.