10/16/14 / by Patricia Brace

Late night led to a big day which rounded off with a much-needed opportunity for forced relaxation with Cousin Dan and Lucinda. We are always appreciative of their willingness to share Buffalo's good eats with us, particularly after such a long day. 

It was a full house today, and almost all in the white room for a change! The day sped by, and I sadly don't have many photos to show for it. Maybe that shows for it though?

Let's see... Patricia spent her day in the corner building herself into a forest of faux columns (!) while I picked up the equipment (!!), painted the "orthographic projection" platform mdf (!!!), stretched the screens (!!!!), Joe started wiring equipment (!!!!!), Ling brought her usual cheer and photographic prowess (!!!!!!), and our ever-expanding crew of Hi-Temp Fabulosos rocked out the window and lighting coverings (!!!!!!!). !!!!!!!!

Alright, Patricia's on to second dessert and I think I'm on to bed. Tomorrow's going to be a satisfying one!

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