11/13/14 by Patricia Brace

Here I sit, back in Brooklyn, after another dreamy evening. Last night was outstanding, and we could not be more thankful for Nancy, Gretta, Scott, and the members of BCIJPG. 

For me, designing an installation that dictated the (abstract) narrative of a performance - rather than allowing a narrative to dictate the design of the "scenery" - was a longtime goal. To make the artwork be the thing and the performance be its complement; the idea has occupied my mind for a while and now that it has happened, I'll be chewing on it for a bit. 

For Patricia, the performative aspect completed the piece. Performance and dance is her most commonly utilized medium, and featuring clips in the video did not suffice. Her expression last night was an illustration from yet another vantage point of her emotional positions over the course of our Buffalo journey, both inside and outside of the space, and if I'm allowed to say so, it was moving (pun...intended?).

I have not gotten my hands on all of the documentation yet, but enjoy the below photos for a sneak peek.

Thank you again, BCIJPG!

Gretta Sowyrda

Gretta Sowyrda

Nancy Hughes

Nancy Hughes

Nancy Hughes

Nancy Hughes

Patricia and BCIJPG

Patricia and BCIJPG

Scott Slocum and BCIJPG

Scott Slocum and BCIJPG

11/11/14 by Patricia Brace

It's Tuesday - that means we are experiencing a Buffalo hiatus. I just watched the sun set on Lake Cayuga and Patricia is heading back to Buffalo with our dear friend and talented artist, Milcah Bassel in tow. Tomorrow we will be graced with another friend and we'll all indulge our inner Buffalo tourist with lunch at Duff's. Between that and a wonderful visit yesterday by artist, professor, friend, and newlywed Julie Langsam and her husband Luckyman Lee, we are feeling the NYC love!

Alas, I have no warehouse photos today, so I'll include a few sunset goodies.

Tomorrow's the day! 7&8pm! http://www.brownpapertickets.com/event/886115


11/10/14 by Patricia Brace

Gosh it's like the second we cross the Buffalo border the intensity starts. But always good intensity! Well, eventually good, if not immediately. ;)

Today was our first dress rehearsal for the performance! Patricia and I synced up our piece in the morning, and then were so honored to be joined by 10 dancers to view - and participate in, in Patricia's case - the two pieces they have been working on. We finally know what Wednesday will look like and we're beyond excited to be part of it.

That's all I'll say for now - I have to muster up some energy to clear up some photo room on my phone before I crash, and Patricia is on her way to NJ to teach...and then on her way back. Okay maybe the intensity just follows us.


10/27/14 by Patricia Brace


10/25 was all we could have hoped for. Great turnout, great time. We are so incredibly grateful to have been able to a) complete our vision and b) celebrate with wonderful family and friends.

We are back in Brooklyn and how strange it feels! I miss Buffalo terribly. But the installation is active; despite it being open by appointment, BCIJPG is rehearsing today for their performance evening on 11/12. They will be responding to the installation and video and we couldn't be more curious and excited. Patricia will be performing as well, and I think I might be getting roped into something.

Below are some installation photos and shots of opening night. Email ilikeyoubetternow@gmail.com to schedule an appointment to view the installation and stay tuned for more information on the performance evening or buy tickets at http://www.brownpapertickets.com/event/886115

image courtesy of Julian Montegue

image courtesy of Julian Montegue

10/24/14 by Patricia Brace

Guess what happened today? We left the space. AT 1PM. 

That's right, we're done. 

Joe got in last night and helped put the finishing touches on the video installation and AP Vague came through from afar with a patched patch for the sound piece. One of our favorite Buffalo take-away friends, Emily Tucker of The Benjaman Gallery, graced us with her presence just in time to be the very first viewer of I LIKE YOU BETTER NOW. 

Tonight we are off to Hallwalls' 40th Anniversary Celebration and can't wait to see almost everyone we have met throughout this Buffalo year - it feels very appropriate. Then our family arrives and we hopefully spend some time with them tomorrow before we steal away to prepare for the opening! 

10/23/14 by Patricia Brace

Holy Technological Difficulties!

Today was a day, but after the past 14, nothing we couldn't handle. This show will be ready for you, Buffalo! And everyone will like everyone better now and then and because of it!

We are still editing video, but WE ARE GETTING EXCITED.

10/22/14 by Patricia Brace

We are running low on photos to show because they are starting to give too much away! 

All is going well at the space, so I'll just grace you with some of the day's highlights. Below you can see Patricia securing one of the screens as well as Patricia mustering what's left of her daily allotment of enthusiasm toward cutting out our wall text. I need to keep drawing it out, so I'm just going to post and keep truckin'. Goodnight - see you in three short days!

10/21/14 by Patricia Brace

Playing HOOKIE! Well, kind of. With our actual jobs.

I'm currently sitting at the Wells College Cafe holding office hours before I launch into a 3 hour critique on the students' installations and curatorial decisions. Patricia is already finished with her class and driving back - our eta will be the same once we are both on the road. 12:30am back in Buffalo baby!

I did manage to spend the morning at the space, finishing the faux columns and a few other odds and ends, plus continuing the vinyl. Had a nice conversation about quantum physics with our trusty ceiling painter, Logan. Always a good way to start the day.

Tomorrow should be the last of the construction days, and then Thursday will be all tech. Getting there!



10/20/14 by Patricia Brace

Buffalo gals have separated! Patricia left me today for NJ - we both teach on Tuesdays, and after ignoring our responsibilities last week we thought we should get back to business this week. It's strange stepping away even for a day. I'll head out to Wells tomorrow, but my commute will actually be shorter from Buffalo than from Brooklyn.

But it's still Monday, and today it was time to DANCE! After installing the faux columns that John McKendry himself couldn't even decipher from his originals, that is. Our lead dancers, Nancy Hughes, Gretta Sowyrda, and Scott Slocum, graced us with their oh-so-graceful presence and began improvising in the space. This was great because Patricia had just left and I was lonely applying vinyl in the dark. 

Here they are below, talking dance with Patricia pre-NJ departure. 11/12 is the performance date and from what I see and hear so far, it's gonna be cooooool.

10/18/14 by Patricia Brace

Last day with Joe's help = all hands on tech! We were so fortunate to be able to come in today, and the electronic aspect of the show finally got some attention. Sneak peak of the finally-almost-white room below...

10/17/14 by Patricia Brace

Friday! I've been wondering for so long how far we'd be on the installation come this very day and I am very happy to say that I am sitting on my cousin Mary's couch, working - yes - but practically stress-free! And for those of you who know me, that's a very rare thing. 

In the interest of not ignoring the people I've been ignoring all week, I'm going to just let the photos speak for themselves. Note the attention we've been giving to the white room - it's no longer the neglected child. I know I say this every day, but it's really coming together and as the stress dissipates the excitement starts to seep in...

video Block
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10/16/14 by Patricia Brace

Late night led to a big day which rounded off with a much-needed opportunity for forced relaxation with Cousin Dan and Lucinda. We are always appreciative of their willingness to share Buffalo's good eats with us, particularly after such a long day. 

It was a full house today, and almost all in the white room for a change! The day sped by, and I sadly don't have many photos to show for it. Maybe that shows for it though?

Let's see... Patricia spent her day in the corner building herself into a forest of faux columns (!) while I picked up the equipment (!!), painted the "orthographic projection" platform mdf (!!!), stretched the screens (!!!!), Joe started wiring equipment (!!!!!), Ling brought her usual cheer and photographic prowess (!!!!!!), and our ever-expanding crew of Hi-Temp Fabulosos rocked out the window and lighting coverings (!!!!!!!). !!!!!!!!

Alright, Patricia's on to second dessert and I think I'm on to bed. Tomorrow's going to be a satisfying one!

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10/15/14 by Patricia Brace

The day our little anxiety-ridden hearts have been waiting for: wall hanging day. Teamwork at it's finest, and this show's starting to look like something! And while we wanted to do a little jig when the last panel was hung, we instead opted to plow through our deserved celebration and continue working...yet another productive day.

We did make it to CEPA to collect some of our equipment - more to come tomorrow, along with a one Joseph the TD Extraordinaire to help us rig it all. Another big day! They just keep coming! 

Lastly - we know you want it - a time lapse video of one of the walls going up! We hope you enjoy it as much as we enjoyed hanging it. More, even!

10/14/14 by Patricia Brace

We put on the "Happy" station on Pandora this morning and the day followed as such. Lighting installed, projection screens constructed, walls prepped for their big debut tomorrow when we hang 'em. With some surprise help from Hi-Temp Fabulosos, we had another great, productive day! AND OUR BOOK CAME!

Tomorrow's a big one - hanging 175 ft of wall, picking up equipment from our saviors at CEPA, and greeting Joe well after midnight when he arrives to wire said equipment.

But for now, it's the last thing on my list for the day - ice cream time! Okay and some accounting. And photos!

10/9/14 by Patricia Brace

First day back in Buffalo and it feels so good.

Rita and I have been working diligently on the press, video, and book for the exhibition in Brooklyn, but now the time has come to realize the installation in the space.  With 16 days to go, we are at full-court-press, but so is our incredible and ever-expanding team. 

This image here is of the platform that will be in the widowed space.  Gallery patrons will be able to stand on the platform as they look at their future journey towards the windows in front of them.

8/29/14 by Patricia Brace

Today Rita and I returned from Buffalo to Brooklyn.  Over the 7-hour journey we reflected on the construction of the wall and the production of the video, but most importantly the people that we met and shared time with.  After spending 2 weeks in Buffalo we are so pleased and honored to start making genuine connections with the artistic community, and to continue to spend             quality time with Rita’s family.  The next time that we will be in Buffalo for this much time will be the two weeks preceding the opening, so although we are resuming our teaching and work in Brooklyn, the full-court-press for “I Like You Better Now” has begun.  Buffalo we will see you soon!

8/28/14 by Patricia Brace


Whaddaday. Where to start? I had a slumber party last night with cousin Jenna - her last night home before starting a new college journey. Thus, I awoke, earlier than usual due to a Lowe's paint run and a morning meeting, a tad groggy. It's okay - give me some paint and I'll perk right up.

Cut to a great meeting with Nancy Hughes, improvisational dancer extraordinaire who may or may not curate a performance night in our installation. After this, editing fiend Brace edited like a fiend whilst I channeled my scenic painting past and fauxed the brick bianco like it was my job. Cousin Dan dropped by for a look at the space and a sneak-peak at the video.

The day rounded off with some on-the-couch administrative business and more editing from the Brace Machine. At this point, cousin Mary returned from bringing Jenna to school just in time to join us at Mutual Riverfront Park for some Buffalo history, outdoor projections, and BOAT DANCING a la our new friend, Nancy. 

Questions? Comments? Refer to the below photos for all of your answers and more.