To Apply

Please email with the following items:

  • Contact information: name, email, address, phone number, website if applicable

  • Discipline

  • 1000-Word Proposal: Describe the project you would execute during your allotted 1hr 45mins. When writing, please keep in mind the following:

    • We encourage projects to be in their nascent phases; this is an opportunity for you to use the other five participants as your test group. What do you hope to gain from this experience? How does access to the other participants help inform and mobilize your work?

    • In an effort to increase depth of interaction on such a short timeline, the only requirement for this activity is that it engage the rest of the group on a level that is more than simply verbal; they must be active participants in some way. Please explain their role in your project.

    • Please include a timeline that reveals how you will utilize your 1hr 45mins. We recommend leaving time for feedback.

    • Please include any equipment or materials you might need. These are typically BYO, but if we can accommodate, we will.

  • 1-5 Work Samples: These can be of any format: images, audio, video, writing, etc that support the objective of your project and/or provide a background for your work.

  • Image List: Please include title, medium, date, dimensions and a brief description if important to the contextualization of the work.

  • CV / Resume

  • 2 References: Please submit the name, telephone number and email of 2 professional references.

  • Fellowship Statement: If you would like to be considered for a fellowship, please include a brief paragraph describing why you believe you qualify and the maximum amount you would be able to pay.

  • Accommodations: Please list any dietary, religious, physical, or additional accommodations needed to make your weekend comfortable.

  • PayPal Confirmation #: Please direct your $15 processing fee to via PayPal and include the confirmation number in your application email.

Program Details

GROUNDWORK condenses the critique, engagement, socializing, and networking aspects of a traditional residency into one fully present, active weekend. Each participant brings one 1-1:45 hour project/experiment/activity they would like to workshop with the group. This project can be as inventive, open, and experimental as you choose to make it.

The weekend begins on Friday evening with an introductory dinner and concludes on Sunday afternoon.


Open to all professions in the Arts, Sciences, Humanities, and beyond; anyone with an idea is encouraged to apply. Preference will be given to applicants with evidence of expertise in their specified field who demonstrate a desire to work open-mindedly with a group of interdisciplinary professionals.


GROUNDWORK began based out of New York City and most sessions are within a 2-2.5hr radius of NYC. That said, GROUNDWORK V & VII will take place in Maine, after which there is no telling where it might go next.


Carpools and train/bus pick-ups are coordinated on a per-session basis. Cost of transportation is not included. 


All food is homemade on location; we keep our cuisine at the intersection of healthy, fresh, and delicious; rustic chic. Food restrictions are handled with sensitivity. BYOB.

Past guest chefs have included Clara DeAngelo and Charles Forster Stewert.


We keep weekend costs as low as possible while still providing a comfortable setting and great food. However, if you are unable to pay the full amount of $400, we encourage you to include a Fellowship Statement in your application. 


Please contact with any questions.